The Sermons of Arthur L. Hanson : My Father

The Sermons of Arthur L. Hanson : My Father


Arthur Hanson will be remembered as a brilliant theologian and pastor. His deep-thinking intellect and compassionate heart touched the lives of many who knew him. The reader will note that this book is divided up into sections of the seasons of the church, as this seemed to be the most reasonable way for me to organize it. All of his sermons had been in folders for more than fifty-five years, and I had thought for some time that a book was needed for this endeavor. I have endeavored to include almost all of his sermons, however several had been hand-written and it became somewhat difficult for me to transcribe those. Most of the others had been created on a typewriter. I have also chosen to include a few of my drawings that I thought might enhance the overall look of this book. Since Arthur Hanson was a pastor, it only seemed appropriate to have drawings of Christ. One will find a few of them interspersed throughout this volume. My heart's desire is that this volume of his sermons will be seen not only as a memorial to his life, but will divulge the treasures of wisdom and truth that could only come from a man who knew the Lord personally. Stephen A. Hanson

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Stephen A Hanson
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17 Oct 2016
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