Dad left covered in blood after being punched unconscious in ‘racist attack’ at bus stop


A dad was left unconscious and covered in blood at a bus stop in what he described as a ‘racist attack’.

Ajaz Reshi, 42, said he was knocked out with a single punch to the back of his head while he was waiting to catch a bus to work on Monday morning.

The father-of-three claims three men hurled verbal abuse at him including vile taunts about ‘his prophet’.

The attack happened at the bus stop outside Boots in Smallbrook Queensway in Birmingham city centre at around 6.30am on October 26.

Mr Reshi says he was left with post-concussion syndrome and has no idea how he ended up in hospital after the attack, which left him with a swollen face.

Speaking while recovering from home just days later, Mr Reshi told BirminghamLive : “I was walking up from Moor Street to the Bullring, I was waiting for the bus – it was three minutes until the bus came – and the guy came to me and he was swearing at me and he was swearing of the prophet.

“He was trying to attack me, I was trying to avoid him. He was swearing at me, I said: ‘Look I’m going to work, don’t give me any trouble please’. I was requesting him.

“After that a second guy, maybe a third guy, hit me on the back. And after I think I was unconscious, and they beat me after that. I don’t know who took me to the hospital, I know nothing.

“I opened my eyes in hospital, I was unconscious for a long time. When I was discharged from the hospital later they said ‘the ambulance brought you here’, I didn’t know anything about it.”

He continued: “I was wearing my jacket, I took a picture as I was covered in blood.

“My eye is swollen, all of my face is injured. I was very badly attacked like they wanted to kill somebody – this was that kind of attack.”

Mr Reshi, who usually works six days a week, has been out of work since the attack on Monday as he continues to suffer facial pain, dizziness and struggles to stand up.

“This is the third day today, I can’t bite anything, my teeth are all hurting. I think they might fall out,” he added.

“My eyes are totally damaged and my face is all damaged. I called the ambulance yesterday (Tuesday) because my head and face was hurting, they came and took me to Heartlands Hospital.”

West Midlands Police is investigating the assault which left Mr Reshi with multiple bruises and a cut above his eye. No arrests had been made and officers urged anyone with information to come forward.

A statement from the force read: “We are investigating an assault on Smallbrook Queensway in Birmingham city centre just after 6.30am on Monday (26 October), where a man was punched in the face as he waited for a bus.

“The 42-year-old was approached by a man who asked him for a jacket and was hit in the face, sustaining multiple bruises and a cut above his eye. Fortunately, his injuries are not serious.