Cleaning fans stunned by mum’s hack that makes filthy oven sparkle for just £1.99


A mum has stunned other cleaning fans with her incredible hack for getting filthy ovens sparkling – with an item costing just £1.99.

It can be one of the trickiest parts of the home to get clean once it has been neglected for a short while, and it seems no matter how hard we try, the oven always seems to end up sticky, filthy and greasy.

But getting something sparkling clean in the home can be one of the most satisfying activities for cleaning fans – and a video clip has appeared online promising just that.

The reassuring clip offers proof of how simple it can be to get your disgusting oven sparkling clean in mere minutes.

And all you need is £1.99 for a nifty little window scraper.

The cleaning supremo shared helpful before and after pictures onto the popular Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group.

A video showed the fulfilling work as the caked-on grease and dirt is swiped from the glass oven door in minutes.

The glass scraper was picked up on eBay for just £3.95 but savvy shoppers pointed out it can be bought cheaper on Amazon.

The woman wrote: “Warning – disgusting oven alert!!!

“I never get round to cleaning it because life’s just to busy but I got a Glass scraper from eBay and WOW !!!! 5 mins later I have a clean door !

“Used the scraper then pink stuff and a metal scrubber for the last few marks ! No back ache from scrubbing it all day either £3.95 well spent if you ask me!”

Available for £1.99 on Amazon, the DIY miracle tool is described as for use in removing excess paint and scraping stickers or gluey materials from windows.

But now it can add oven cleaning to its list of uses.

Rushing to praise the homely hack, one person commented: “I would be lost without my scraper.”

Another added: “Wow amazing! I could literally watch that video all day so relaxing.”

Another simply wrote: “Thanks for the tip”.

On Amazon, the product description for the Stanley scraper reads: “The Stanley 5930 window scraper uses a standard 1992 trimming knife blade to scrape excess paint from window panes. With guard fitted it makes a good windscreen ice scraper.”

The item uses a blade so would be unsuitable for children to use.